About us

aboutMir Group is a conglomerate which has both strong legacy behind and dynamic visions for future. Mir has continuously envisioned providing quality experiences for the customers and come up with complete solutions. Mir Akeb Hossain established Mir Akhter Hossain Limited in 1968 as a partnership company. With its nationwide extension, the company was converted to a private limited company in 1980. Due to the absence of quality and trust in relevant industries Mir Akhter Hossain Limited, a forerunner construction company of the country started to enter new ventures like- Mir Cement Ltd., Mir Concrete Products Ltd., Mir Real Estate Ltd., and emerged as Mir Group. With the advance of time Mir Group became a staple part of the countries landmark projects. Today it stands a pillar of the countries construction industry.

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As the forerunner of Bangladesh’s construction, construction material and IT industries, Mir Group of companies are the market leaders in their respective sectors which include construction, cement, ceramics, real estate, energy, telecom and IT.