ERGO Ventures Limited

ERGO Ventures Limited the latest amalgamation in Mir Group of Companies Limited is a Software Development Company. Ergo Ventures is actively engaged in developing applications for the Smart-phone Environment, focusing mostly on Android® Devices and iPhone. These applications are designed to be entertaining, namely in the forms of games, fun toys and accessories. Also, small screen solutions for Websites, Web Services and Products are developed in-house. The young software and design experts in the company are valuable assets when it comes to creating valuable experiences for the customers. Ergo Ventures focuses on the design, delivery and ease of use of website while diversifying the types of websites it develops, spanning from informational sites, through dynamic-content pages to Social Networks. Its innovative pool of programmers and web developers has the potential to create innovative platforms for clients through their websites. Ergo is especially adept at Open source and Custom CMS, Web design, Flash and JQuery animation based graphics design, Database design, Web marketing, and Social networking systems.