Mir Real Estate Ltd.


Mir Real Estate Ltd. is all about removing the hassles from the wonderful work of making homes. From its inception in April, 2006, the company has successfully satisfied hundreds of clients and landowners by working closely with renowned architects, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. Unlike traditional realty concerns, Mir Real Estate’s core focus is on the customers’ convenience. A highly coordinated sales team with a strong management focus of ‘convenience at every step’, works adamantly to make the transition to client’s dream home, office or commercial space seamless. Therefore, the extension into the real estate industry was only logical for Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd.

The Mir group’s primary focus has always been high quality construction. To this end it manufactures high quality cement (Mir Cement), high strength concrete (Mir Concrete Products) and green power solutions (Mir Power). Overall Mir group offers a one stop solution to all construction needs.