Mir Telecom Ltd.


Mir Telecom Ltd. was a pioneer firm in the Telecommunication Sector of Bangladesh as a Licensed IGW. Mir Telecom was awarded the License for the International Gateway through a competitive auction in February 2008 and started its operation from 21st August’08, first among three new IGW’s. Ever since the inception, it has charted a significant growth in developing customer base and carrier-interconnections with our successful service.

The company offers 100% CLI termination and origination of Bangladesh traffic and also for other destinations around the world. Currently the company has direct bilateral interconnects with 229 major incumbent, Tier1 and Tier2 operators and calling card companies in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania dealing in more than 350 million minutes a month. The company has 5 PoPs strategically located in Epsilon, London; Equinix, Singapore; STIX Singapore and 1 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, USA making Mir Telecom the widest International Gateway Operator of Bangladesh. Mir Telecom is the only International Gateway Operator of the country providing Satellite backup through Intelsat via both TDM and IP connectivity to customers along with connectivity via SEA ME WE4 submarine cable system.

Mir Telecom Ltd. has a young dedicated and enthusiastic team of engineers, marketers, billing specialist and financial experts to manage the Company and deliver quality services to the Carrier and Operator Partners. So far Mir Telecom is connected to over 15 Tires, 1 Carrier/Operators and over 60 other class of Operators. Within short period of time it has establish a reputation of high quality Gateway voice service provider in Bangladesh.